A downloadable H2Owned for Windows

“Our goal is to capture the fun and excitement of childhood water fights
and deliver that experience in a third person competitive shooter.” - Mission
Statement of our Project

H2Owned is a vibrant competitive multiplayer shooter that revolves around our childhood water fights. The game is in the third person perspective, where the player can either choose to play as a boy or a girl character and water battle between friends or foes in a fun, competitive, free for all drench match.



Keovilay (Cola) Saycocie - Project Lead, Lead Programmer 

Connor Howells - Project Lead, Lead Artist 

Lukas Haak - Tech Artist, Programmer 

Tristan Ibanez - Network and UI Programmer 

Mathew Godfrey - Animator 

Richard Castellanos - Animator

Dimitrios Agoropoulos - Rigger 

Patrick Spiers - Audio (Music/SFX) 

Adrian Grima - Audio (Music/SFX) 

Bridget Behan - Graphic Design

Isabelle Fredericks - Voice Talent (Girl) 

James Peniata - Voice Talent (Boy)

Special Thanks 

Stephen Whittle - Teacher, Supervisor 

Terese Behan - Assistant Graphic Design

Press Kit


Contact Info


Install Instructions / Developer Notes  

- Download and Unzip.

- Requires Steam to play multiplayer.  

- Press 'Page Up' or 'Insert' while in the lobby to force start the game.  

- Make sure to use the same version as the people you're playing with. 

- Restarting the game sometimes fixes the being unable to connect to a lobby bug.


H2Owned_Build_2.0.1.zip 326 MB

Development log


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Too bad can't play single player.

Very fun game to play with friends! :D